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In addition to selling PSP parts, we also perform repair services on PSP systems! Here are the most common repair items and their cost. You can click into each repair item for a form to use to send in your PSP. All repair prices include part, installation labor, and shipping of your PSP back to you.

PSP-1001 LCD Replacement $49.95
Symptom: Shattered inside screen!
PSP-1001 & 2001 & PSP-3001  UMD Laser Replacement $49.95
Symptom: PSP Not Reading Discs
PSP-1001 & PSP-2001 UMD Door Replacement $34.95
Symptom: One or both back door hinges broken, New Low Price
PSP Analog (Joystick) Assembly replacement $29.95
Symptom: Broken off joystick. New Low Price!
Symptom: Malfunctioning Joystick [moving by itself].
PSP-1001 & PSP-2001 & PSP-3001 Internal Switch replacement $29.95
Symptom: On/Off switch is loose because switch on the inside broke off.
PSP-2001 LCD Replacement $69.95
Symptom: Shattered inside screen.
PSP-PSP-3001 LCD Replacement $49.95
Symptom: Shattered inside screen.
PSP-1001, PSP-2001, PSP-3001 Yellow AC Input Piece $29.95
Symptom: Broken Yellow Input Piece, system won't charge
PSP-1001, PSP-2001 BRICKED PSP $29.95 {Reload System Software}
Symptom: Power light comes on, but black screen.  Power light goes off after a few seconds.  System never boots up due to corrupt system software, usually because the PSP was shut off during a system update.. New Low Price!


Click Here to Let us Diagnose your PSP! (No charge to diagnose, $14.95 to return the PSP to you if you choose not to have the repair performed).

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