Control Port and/or Memory Card Port Outage?

Games keep saying to insert a controller in port 1? Here's troubleshooting information for this issue:

1. First, try another controller. It's quiewte possible that your controller is no longer working.

2. If you tried a good working controller [or tried your controller in another PS2] and you know it's fine, see if it's one port or both. Remove the Game, press RESET, and click into the BROWSER using the 'other' port. If that works, you know only one port is out.

3. So what's the cause? Could be one of few things. If you opened your PS2 right before this happened, it's quite possible that the control port cable was damaged when you tried putting it back together.

4. If you have not opened your PS2 recently, you probably need to replace the control/memory card port assembly.

If both controllers and memory cards work okay, but the VIBRATE FUNCTION is no longer working -- AND/OR wired controllers work, but not wireless, no multitap function, no dvd remote function, no gun function, or no dancepad function, your control ports are fine. There is a fuse on your motherboard that needs to be replaced if wired controllers work fine but the vibrate function does not.

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