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So you're getting Disc Read Errors on your PS2?

Disc read errors stink, but they are not the end of your PS2.  Here are some things you can do about them, rather than running out and buying a new PS2.  Disc read errors are usually caused by three things:

1)  A dirty or worn out laser gear.  If you hear a clicking or grinding type noise when you hit eject on your drive, or while a game is playing, chances are your laser gear is either worn out or just dirty.  If you feel comfortable opening your unit, the laser gear is in the picture below CIRCLED IN GREEN.  Try removing it and cleaning it.  If that does not work, I sell laser gears for 9.95 which include shipping.  You can click below to buy one.  If you are not comfortable with opening your system, you can CLICK HERE To fill out a repair estimate form.  Laser gear replacements are $39.95 which include the part, installation, and return shipping of the unit back to you.


New White Laser Gear 7.95 10 59.95

New PS2 Playstation 2 Metal Laser Arm Gear (can replace plastic gear)

2)  A dirty laser can cause disc read errors.  If you live in a smoking household or the PS2 is kept in a dusty room, a buildup can form on the laser causing your disc read errors.  If you are comfortable opening your Playstation 2, you can try cleaning the laser CAREFULLY with a qtip and some rubbing alcohol.  Dampen the swab in the alcohol [make sure it's not too wet] and gently clean the laser in a circular motion.  Use the dry side of the swab to then dry the laser off in the same motion.  Try loading up your games again and see what happens.  If you do not feel comfortable opening your PS2, you can CLICK HERE to fill out a repair estimate form.  If your laser only requires a cleaning, the cost of repair is 29.95 which includes cleaning and shipping of the unit back to you.


RCA CD/DVD/PS2/XBOX Wet Lens Cleaner 13.95

3) Finally, a failing or failed laser can be the cause of your disc read error.  You have two choices with this one.  You can purchase a laser below and if you feel up to doing it yourself, install it yourself or you can CLICK HERE to fill out a repair estimate form.  BRAND NEW laser installations run $69.95 which include a brand NEW laser, installation, testing, return shipping, and a 90 day warranty on your laser repair.

NEW Playstation 2 Laser KHS-400B (V1-V4)


NEW Playstation 2 Laser KHS-400C (V1-V10)


HD7 Laser replaces Sanyo Open Face Laser 400R


If you choose to send your PS2 to RichsPSXParts.com for a disc read error diagnosis and estimate, you will be sent an estimate prior to any work being done.  If you choose to perform the repair, while paypal is preferred for payment since it speeds up the process, money orders are also gladly accepted.  If you choose not to perform the repair, you can either pay for shipping of the unit back to you [$10 or so] or RichPSXParts.com can buy the unit from you.  Sounds like a win-win option to me! :-)

If you'd like to give diagnosing and repairing your own PS2 a shot, click HERE to purchase a PS2 Troubleshoot and Repair guide on PC CD ROM for 13.95 including shipping.

Click HERE to fill out a Repair Estimate Form if you'd like to send it for a diagnostic.

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