How to Replace Circuit Board on XBox 360 Drive - HL Hitachi GDR-3120L

This Procedure is REQUIRED in order for your New XBox 360 DVD Drive to read XBox 360 games.  There is a special key that is stored on the DVD drive that *must* match a software lock on your XBox 360's motherboard.  This is the easiest way to transfer the key from your old drive onto the new one you have just received.

Step 1. You must flip the drive over and remove the 6 screws on the bottom, circled in blue in the image below. When you're done, simply pull the bottom of the drive to slide it off.

Step 2. Second, push on the tab squared in blue to release the circuit board from the housing of the DVD Drive.

Step 3.  There are four cables leading from the drive to the circuit board. One for the worm motor, one for the laser, one for the spindle hub, and one for the tray gear.  Remove the three ribbon cables circled in blue from the drive circuit board.  The one I've circled in red below, I would suggest keeping this part of the cable in and removing the other end of the cable.  You would be removing it directly from the laser.  The reason I do this is because there is some glue or something holding the laser cable to the circuit board.  It's a bit difficult to try and get it glued back down just right.  Also if you're not cable removing it, you will damaged the white laser cable.

Step 4.  Voila! The circuit board is removed.

Step 5.  I like to put the laser cable back in first just to make sure I don't forget it.   Re-Install everything else by reversing the directions above! After you are done, your new XBOX 360 drive will contain the circuit board from your old drive which contains the key necessary for the drive to read XBOX 360 GAMES. ENJOY and HAPPY GAMING!!!!!


XBox 360 HL Hitachi DVD Drive GDR-3120L

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