How to Replace Playstation Spindle Hub

Playstation Spindle Hub Installation Instructions

Step 1.  Playstation with broken spindle hub.  To remove the broken spindle hub, slip a butterknife under the broken spindle hub and twist the knife to pry the old hub off.  It's OK if you break the old hub since it's unusable anyway.

Step 2.  After you remove the old hub, the center shaft will be expose.  To install the new hub, place the hole in the middle of the new hub over the center shaft and push down on the MIDDLE of the hub with your THUMB as shown in the next image.  Do NOT push down on the sides of the hub or you will break it.  Once you feel the center shaft come up through the middle on your thumb, you're all set:

Step 3.  If you happen to push down too hard on the hub and it's down too much and can't move, get out the butter knife again.  You must pry VERY GENTLY up on the middle to lift it up slightly so that it can spin freely.  Again, this is only if you pushed it down too much -- which is not likely if you follow the instructions above.


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