Laser Replacement Tips

1. When you replace the laser, you should probably remove the tray. When you hit eject to replace the laser on older systems, you risk damaging the laser circuit board on the back if you work too far up the rail.

2. Remember to replace the white laser gear. NEW lasers do not include the white laser gear. You must remove the laser gear from the old laser and place it on the new laser. You may even want to replace the gear while you're replacing the laser. This eliminates the risk of it wearing out in the future. See below to purchase.

3. MOST COMMON OVERSIGHT. You MUST remove the tiny black height adjustment screw from the old laser and put it in the new laser. NEW lasers do not come with this screw. Without it, the laser will not be at the proper height to read DVD media.

4. If you touched the white cog wheel, move it back! Many people play with this to try and get the old laser to work before ordering a new one. If you did that, you need to move it back to where it was or the laser height may be off and it may not pick up dvd media.

5. Finally, if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can send it to us for repair. For $69.95, we will replace the laser with a NEW laser, test the PS2, and we will pay for return shipping of the PS2 back to you. We will also offer a 90 day warranty on the repair.

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Want more tips? Picture and Video laser install instructions? See below to purchase the PS2 Troubleshoot and Repair Guide.

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