Philips VAD-6038 BENQ Drive for XBox 360

Philips VAD-6038 BENQ Drive for XBox 360
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This is a refurbished/guaranteed Philips BenQ VAD-6038 drive for the XBOX 360. For the new drive to read and load Xbox 360 games, the circuit board must be transferred from the old drive. Transferring the circuit board from the old drive to the new one on Philips drives requires soldering (click here for .pdf visual).  If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can send us your old drive and we can swap the circuit board for you for $10 more!!


  • This is a Philips BenQ VAD-6038 DVD Drive for the XBox 360.
  • The XBox 360 has a code on the DVD drive that must match the motherboard.
  • The easy way to transfer this code is to transfer the circuit board on the inside.
  • If you transfer the circuit board from the inside of the drive, you will *NOT* need to flash the drive!
  • CLICK HERE to send us your drive to transfer the circuit board for you!
  • You MUST replace a VAD-6038 drive with another VAD-6038 drive for the circuit board transfer to work! 
  • The Hitachi and Samsung drives have different circuit boards!

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