PSP Slim UMD Door Cage Hinge Replacement Instructions

Rough Draft of PSP-2001 & PSP-3001 UMD Door Hinge Replacement.

1.  Oops!  The hinge is gone!

2.  Get yourself a new hinge -- We have them here for $12.95!  Click here to buy one.

3.  Great, you've either found your hinge our purchased a new one.  There's a simple trick to installing this part.  First, you want the sharp part of the top of the hinge to face inside of the PSP and the smooth part to face outside.  The red rectangle is around the sharp piece.

4.  Now, you want to insert the two tabs into the tracks of the UMD Door first.  It's a tad tricky, but you have to slide them both in at the same time.

5.  Now is the really tricky part!  Once you have these both in at the same time, you have to slide the two holes in the top of the hinge into the tabs in the back of the PSP.  Sometimes you'll need to bend them inwards to get it to click -- but make sure the tabs on the PSP click into the holes.  There are two rubber pads that come with the PSP to hold the hinge firmly in place... but if they fall off while you're doing this, it's no big deal.  You may just have to bend the holes inward a little more to get the firm snap. 

6.  ... Almost, Almost....

7.  GOT IT!  Open and close a few times to make sure it's good.  The great thing about this piece is that it's metal -- so you can bend and manipulate it to make it fit nice and tight.

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