PSP-1001 LCD Replacement Instructions

Rich's Tool of choice -- a #00 Flathead Philips Precision Screwdriver (to pry the LCD from the unit).
You must first remove the control buttons on the bottom of the LCD.
Then Pry the lower left of the LCD out of the PSP.
Then Pry the other side of the LCD
Lift the LCD from the PSP by pulling the top downward as shown in this picture. 
I cannot begin to express the importance of the next step.  If you do not feel comfortable with the delicate nature of the next step for any reason -- STOP NOW, PUT YOUR PSP BACK TOGETHER AND SEND IT TO US TO BE REPAIRED.  We charge only $20 more to install the LCD and ship the PSP back to you.  Every day we receive emails from people who broke the clips on their motherboard in the next step.  If the clips are broken, your PSP cannot be fixed.  PLEASE, IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THE NEXT STEP, CONSIDER SENDING YOUR PSP TO US TO BE FIXED!!!  CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM TO INCLUDE WITH YOUR PSP IF YOU SEND IT TO US
To remove the LCD completely, GENTLY pry/lift this clip up so the LCD ribbon slides out.  Be careful as this part is fragile and if you damage it, your PSP is pretty much useless. The backlight ribbon just pulls out of the motherboard connector.  YOU MUST PULL GENTLY!!! Do Not Tug on any cables in the PSP.
The backlight and LCD are shows as one unit.  The backlight's ribbon is shown on the left, the LCD on the right.
  Re-Install the LCD by reversing the directions above!

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